Be in your best health ready for Winter!

As part of our NHS Standard Health Check, we are delighted to offer a blood pressure check at all our pharmacies to ensure our customers are fighting fit for the winter ahead.

Recently announced in the national press, the blood pressure checking service is being rolled out across the country in a bid to avoid over 2000 deaths a year of people who are unaware that they have high blood pressure.

Hypertension, as high blood pressure is also known, often has no noticeable symptoms so that sufferers are unaware that they are at serious risk of heart attack or stroke. So a simple, painless blood pressure check can be lifesaving – and worth checking as around a third of adults in the UK do not realise they are suffering with the condition.

Our NHS Health Check service includes blood pressure, weight and pulse checks but you can also book our private Men’s and Women’s Wellbeing Health Check for an additional comprehensive review of cholesterol level, blood sugar and BMI reading, so you can be sure that all these important basic health markers have been monitored and any particular warning signs flagged for further investigation.

Booking an appointment for a NHS Health Check or our private comprehensive Wellbeing Health Check at the pharmacy saves the wait for a GP appointment in the first instance if you have health concerns and also enables us to ensure our customers are confident that they are in the best possible health, fully aware of any issues that need further investigation or referral to a GP.

Don’t delay – book your NHS Health Check plus our private Wellbeing Health Check today!

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