Long Live the King!

Reavley Chemist has witnessed no less than 10 coronations since the building was leased as an official chemist by Nicholas Willet 16th July, 1734.

1734 was the same year that the Bank of England moved to its present location in Threadneedle Street in London, a time when Reavley Chemist would have been working under the supervision of Willet to support the town’s doctors and local residents to keep everyone healthy and safe. George II was on the throne at the time, succeeded by his grandson, George III, in 1760.

It was during George III’s reign that Edward Jenner developed the first smallpox vaccination and Humphry Davy discovered the anaesthetic properties of nitrous oxide; morphine was also discovered at the turn of the 19th century, and by the time George IV took the throne many further major advances in medicine had improved the health and longevity prospects for the populace.

In the early 20th century, during the reign of George V, the discovery and development of antibiotics benefited the health of almost everyone, by curing many previously life-threatening infections in just a few days.

When King Charles is crowned on May 6th, 2023, Reavley Chemist will have seen at least five different families at the helm of this iconic, historic chemist.

As medical advances continue to develop new cures and treatments, Reavley Chemist is proud to continue to serve and support the local community as the first port of call for all your health concerns.

We wish His Majesty King Charles a long and healthy reign.

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