Prepping for the summer ahead!

Summer may seem a lifetime away as the cold, frosty mornings still nip at our senses, but warmer climes are beckoning and many people are booking a holiday after two years of putting holiday plans on hold.

Make sure you have everything you need so your trip will be the well earned rest you deserve – not just the Fit to Fly vaccinations and testing which we offer, but all the other vaccinations and preparations you may need before travel.

Vaccinations & Preventative Medicine

We are able to offer Rabies, Hepatitis A & B, Meningitis, Cholera and Typhoid vaccinations as well as malaria prevention tablets prior to travel. Some countries require proof of inoculation on entry at Customs, so please talk to our helpful staff to ensure you are fully compliant and

Period Delay, Altitude Sickness & “Funny Tummy”

Nothing spoils a holiday more than being less than your healthiest self so talk to our pharmacist about delaying your period, preventing altitude sickness and buying over-the-counter medication in case of an upset tummy or diarrhoea. We can also supply antibiotics to take with you in case the dreaded traveller’s diarrhoea should strike.

And finally…

If the mozzies see you and think “lunch” ensure you have both preventative insect repellent as well as soothing over- the-counter medication for bites and stings.

Happy travels!

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