Protect yourself from the misery of shingles!

Shingles can strike anyone but is particularly prevalent in older people and those who are run down and stressed. And, contrary to popular belief, whilst related to but different from the chicken pox virus, you can have shingles more than once.

Painful and debilitating, shingles usually appears as a rash of small blisters which tend to occur on one side of the body; a general feeling of being unwell, pain at the site of the rash and – if on the head or face – risk of other side effects and even scarring can occur.

Whilst some patients recover quickly, others are left suffering from fatigue for several weeks or even months afterwards.

Avoid the misery this illness can cause by opting for a private shingles vaccine, now available at our Cotswolds Clinic at Reavley Chemist. Suitable for those aged 50 or above.

Just pop in or call us to arrange your vaccine.

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