Staycation or Vacation?

Make sure you are ready for the summer holidays!

Now is the time to check you have everything you need to stay safe and comfortable during the summer months. A quick check of your medicine cabinet to ensure you have all the family essential remedies and requisites for any unexpected dramas can save a lot of tears and stress if things take an unexpected turn!

Hay Fever & Allergies

We stock a good range of over-the-counter antihistamines and allergy relief products, including bite and sting prevention and relief.

For those seeking help with persistent, troublesome allergies we also have a private Allergy Clinic to offer advice and assistance for long term relief and management.

Fun in the Sun

Don’t let too much sunshine leave you with painful sunburn (or even sunstroke!). Always use protective sun cream and, if possible, wear a hat on particularly sunny days.

We stock a wide range of sun protection creams, sprays and after sun products for both adults and children, as well as a choice of skincare ranges with integral SP factor for daily use.

And for those venturing to foreign climes, our useful private Travel Clinic can offer advice about vaccinations and health protection
against diseases such as malaria; we are also able to inoculate and prescribe appropriate medication required.

Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Finally, with everyone freely enjoying the great outdoors once more there is greater risk of minor abrasions and cuts, so keep a stock of plasters, dressings and antiseptic cream for minor accidents. It is also sensible to keep a stock of paracetamol and other painkillers for headaches and pain management, plus tissues and wet wipes ready for travelling on longer journeys.

Finally, we have many sizes of wash bags and travel accessories ready for your trip.

Happy travels!

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